90 Day Bible Reading plan

At Trinity Church our vision for ministry is to help people grow to live and love like Jesus. Beginning in 2020, we want to offer you the chance to do that by signing up to take part in a Bible Reading Plan where you will read all 4 gospels in 90 days. By doing this, you will become more intimately aware of the story of Jesus as you read about his birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection.

Please take an extra moment to sign up below to let us know you're doing the 90-Day Bible Reading Plan!

More Resources!

Covered in the Master's Dust - Ben's blog that he started in September 2009.
The main purpose of this blog is that I have more questions than answers about God, faith, the Church, life, etc. This serves as a forum to voice those questions and think out loud in the hopes that those questions will serve to inspire something else-a divine mystery of some sorts. Question me, answer me, it’s up to you. I am here to voice my concerns to a God who loves me so much He is willing to listen.

Faith Revisited Podcast - Ben and Molly Carlson started this podcast in March 2019.
Two Millennial church leaders discussing God, faith, the Church, and what it means to be authentic and welcome ALL people. Molly came to Ben with the idea of starting a podcast to talk through the changes not just in the United Methodist Church but an overall look at faith and the shifts that are happening as we are a busier and more divided culture than ever before. Can be downloaded anywhere you listen to podcasts.
Listen to the first episode, "A Historic Church Open to ALL" below. Released March 27, 2019.

Our Favorite Devotionals and Readings

Find a list of Ben's favorite devotionals and books to further and grow in your faith!
(Coming Soon)